old email

i sent this to some girls who i wanted to encourage–thought i’d share it on here


just wanted to share what the Lord has been teaching me about him and what i have been encouraged in this past week.

it comes from psalm 116.   v.1-2 “i love the Lord for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. because he turned his ear to me, i will call on him as long as i live.”

then, v. 5-9 “the lord is gracious and righteous; our god is full of compassion. the lord protects the simple hearted; when i was in great need, he saved me. be at rest once more, o my soul, for the lord has been good to you. for you, o lord, have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling, that i may walk before the lord in the land of the living.”

for me, believing the lord hears what you call out and pray to him about has changed my prayer life. i think that v.1-2 just really comforted me when i needed to be reminded that he’s just not a god sitting on a throne in heaven–he’s a god that cares about us and what we care about and he LISTENS to our cries to him. the creator of the universe listens to each one of us. wow.

and, when i think the lord doesn’t hear me, he does. when i think he’s ignoring me, he’s not. he is “gracious and righteous..and full of compassion.” i feel like that’s something that i need to be reminded of daily. v. 9 says that the lord has rescued us from stumbling, crying, and seeing death in this life–we walk before the lord. he is alongside us and he longs for us to recognize that about him. i have just really been praying that the lord would fill me with the holt spirit to allow him to be present throughout my day. that i would let the holy spirit work through me daily. that’s my prayer for you as well.