times are a changin’

with the new year comes some new changes. new major changes, in fact!!!!!!!

MAJOR CHANGE #1: i like twilight books. specifically rob pattinson’s perfectly disheveled hair in the movie. i’m on book 4 and let me just say–they are entertaining but quite overrated. can’t really seem to put ’em down though… (sample of some of the soundtrack!!! eye. luv. it.)

MAJOR CHANGE #2: i’m going to lead young life in knoxville!!!!!
..oh hey young lifers–it’s taken a year to hear my calling to pursue lost high school girls, but by golly, here i come!! totally out of my comfort zone. totally the last thing i’d picture myself doing. totally the place i’m supposed to be.

for now, that’s all the change i got–who knows what else is coming!! (well, jesus knows.)