go dawgs

SAY   HELLO   TO   THE   NEWEST   YOUNG   LIFE   LEADER   AT BEARDEN   HIGH   SCHOOL—-(is this real? what?!)—-gooooo dawgs. at least, that’s what everyone keeps telling me i am supposed to say.

here’s to the start of… something new_something life changing_something i’m called to_something that will be hard_something that will bless my life beyond measure.

today i went to the school for the first time. gah a lee–just feels right. bearden was not on my radar of places i thought i would end up. but, now (already) i cannot picture myself anywhere else. i’m excited of the possibility of pursuing the art/drama/band girls–really just encouraged and ready to start pursuing any  girls that are lost (hunter green in honor of LOST, like the t.v. show–RIP juliet). praying for doors to be opened. praying for relationships to be formed. praying for the lord’s hand in all of this.