spring break (x2)

this isn't exactly what spring break sunburn looks like, but i'm sure it does if you gots a convertible and you're drivin' through muddy water mississippi..

meet my friend, ralph. (hello, ralph.) knox county spring “burn” break is this week — which oddly enough is another semi-break for meeeeee. no taking the cedar bluff exit for me this week. little breath of fresh air in the midst of a cray-zee week of school.

there’s a little bit of a countdown going on in my head for summer, but am consciously trying to keep my mind in knoxville until i go to frontizzle for the summer (round 2). duh. i may not get any sun (like ralphy) while i work in the kitchen all summer, but the possibility of a overall sunburn goes up x30,000. maybe i’ll have picture-proof sometime soon…

things weighing heavy on my heart these days:

  • living in the best house with the best girls next year
  • pursuing drama girls and football cheerleaders and whoever else the lord brings my way
  • really learning what daily living for the lord looks like on a small scale (minute-by-minute)
  • being slow to speak and quick to listen (amen.)

just winding down a semester full of changes. trying to take in every moment with my knoxville friends before i head to colorado (land of all new relationships). just lovin’ and livin’ every minute of life for jesus.


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