roommate introduction #3

katie short, unlocked

kt in a semi-nutshell: smiles, coffe, and sweatshirts

hometown: germantown, tn

hobbies: eating healthy, working out, loving jesus

attached: currently, yes

favorite new t.v. show: the O.C. (thanks to me)

nickname: shortie-kins

where to begin? one humid, sweaty day in may 2008, i wake up to go to my (would-be-but-pump-faked-me-last-minute) roommate for my freshman year at UT | shoutout to my actual roomie: jenny from (the) knox | i never was one for dressing up, but  borrowing a dress from a friend + having taken a shower = ready to mingle with the ECS crowd. and, so i head to my first ever tea party/graduation party (pinky up). after wandering and eatin’ too fancy-a-food for a collierville girl, i see a girl walk in with a headband, t-shirt, and shorts — immediately i knew we would be friends. we meet. we talk. we move into humes. we become friends. we become roommates. we somewhat rub off on each other (i like to think i eat healthier bc of her). the rest is history…

she is becoming one of the westland six (really need to think of a house name). and so it begins, the journey of continuing to figure out the wonderfully complex kathleen short. what i can say with certainty is that shortie-kins loves jesus with everything she got. i love the way she wakes up early to spend time with jesus everyday. she wouldn’t be able to eat her meals with her beloved clock aka scheduled time frames. oh we are very different — examples = katie: clean(er), active, takes-naps-above-the-covers, intelligent academically, swimmer / lifeguard, healthy eater | me: clean-when-i-wanna-be, lover of my bed, cookin’ smarts/ food service intern, i drive everywhere, bury-myself-in-my-covers-anytime-of-the-day.

all in all, shortie-kins is a wise owl(ette) — not reference to chi o. she’s got a big summer ahead of her with her cedar springs internship and many ole jeffery movin’ to the east side of the state! her wisdom and joy always motivate me. even if when i go to bed you aren’t home yet and i wake up and you are already gone, thanks for only ever being you, katie girl.


parenthood: false alarm

does anyone even watch this show? you should. (

it comes on tuesday nights after LOST. it is wonderful.

questionable reasons why i love it so much: possible reason #1, i’m not a girl, not yet a woman (if i can make that reference). i’m in the betweensie stage. outta my parents’ house, but not fully dependent on me. i like watching people in the adult phase cuz i’m ‘comin one quick. possible reason #2, getting lost in others’ “realities” is enjoying to me. it’s almost like i mentally counsel these people who are not real and they cannot hear me. pretty useless. that’s embarrassing to admit.

i do not find myself laughing out loud at many things — namely just my sister and her ridiculous humor. i’m here to say, this show makes me laugh. some of its plot lines make me cringe (gross grown-up talk) and others simply make my heart warm (sweet pursing-sarah braverman-moments from the english teacher).

i’m learning that i get attached to fake people. people in movies. people in books. people in television shows. tagging myself as one particular character is something else that is becoming habit. without further adue, meet the T.V. version of me (according to the NBC website  character bios and my own opinion)….

what if i was blonde?

Kristina Braverman might have married into the large, messy Braverman family but having been with Adam since their early college years, she’s certainly earned her central position in the clan’s daily dynamic. Kristina, a constant source of stability and support for anyone who needs it, is a wise, and quietly forceful woman who loves her husband and children deeply and with incredible strength. With her straight-A teenage daughter Haddie who’s testing the waters of her independence, her eight-year-old son Max, whose inability to adjust socially has her worried, and her husband Adam, who’s just beginning to cope with the reality of it all, Kristina’s fearless spirit and boundless energy are proving to be essential tools in keeping her head above water. So much for getting back to that career she’s put on hold till her kids were at school full-time… for now at least.

Minus the husband. and the children. and all that comes along with that. i’d say this is me on the show —fearless spirit, a constant source of stability, support for anyone who needs it, all while being a wise, and quietly forceful woman. well, i’m working on the quietly part. (been praying about the “quick to listen, slow to speak” verse. for real though).

bottom line: watch + (laugh/cry) – sex references = worth your while

roommate introduction #2

miss jennifer elizabeth campbell 

born: december 27, 1989
hometown: knoxville, tn
lover of: jesus, john mayer, and tuna salad from long's
sorority: chi omega
siblings: julianne, 17 (shorter, blonde mini-jenn)
t.v. choice: reality shows + friends
friendship: best of mine

shameful for me to admit, but it all began with our beloved time-waster called facebook. thanks to that nerdy, Harvard student, i found a roommate for my freshman year after i’d been ding-dong ditched by other girls from memphis. quickly, we began a friendship full of giggles and underwear(ing) parties in our dorm room — holla atchu humes 321. we have dealt with exploding diet cokes, silly boys, flakey friends, and lots of long-distance (memphis-knoxville-buena vista). the lord just knew what he was doing when he decided that we would become roommates and soon-to-be besties. i’d dare to say that we need each other. we call each other out. we love each other well. we can cry together.

jenn loves jesus more than anything. that has rubbed off on me in the past two years we’ve known each other. she cares about me and the little things that no one else wants to hear me talk about. i love that she is so musically inclined — playing the piano, guitar, mandolin, i’m sure there are more to come. we have a friendship that we both know pours into each others’ spiritual lives. she loves tan towels. singing is her past time. she is very crafty and i want to join that train. some might say that we tweet too much at each other, but really we are just sharin’ life with each other like a match made in heaven (jesus did have us know each other). webb school of knoxville has just acquired her fun, spunky spirit on their Young Life team. what a blessing she will be to those girls.

there are so many memories i could share, so many more compliments to give, but i’ll stop only to spare the rest of you (non-emma or jenn-ers).

roommate introduction #1

(don’t hate me.)




born: March 30 , 1989

hometown: murfreesboro, tn

hair color: blonde (with a sliver of pink)

laughter: contagious

friendship: given to me from je-bus

sonic order: banana milkshake

one thursday freshman year, i wandered over to the Young Life house to meet some people to visit Carter High School’s club. who knew that the sweet, smiley blonde would become a roommate of mine? i knew that i wanted to be her friend only because she was so full of joy and i was immediately attracted to that in her personality. ———fast forward to fall of sophomore year————> mike mckinney’s geology class — we meet again. this time a friendship is formed by sitting together on row two of eps 302. one day the thought just popped into my mind to see where she was living next year. she was looking for a house to live in with her friends as well! the kinks got worked out and so, now she’s one of the “sassy six” (i just made that up // hope it does not stick) living in our house next year. cannot wait to have her cleanliness be a part of hell (the bottom floor of our house which jessie, devin, and i will reside in.)

i love that she is confident in her tweets. she’s one of my only blonde friends. i love that she just bought her domain name, (under construction, but coming soon people.) i love the way she encourages me as me and does not try to mold me into anyone else. her laugh makes me laugh. our random, whiny, heartfelt, deep conversations always leave me feeling refreshed. i love that she leads young life at austin-east — (keep at it friend!). she’s a blogger, check it her’s out here. mostly, i love the way she lives out her faith everyday. that inspires me.

cannot wait for more late night sonic runs next year. excited to know her better and grow in the lord with her. just wanted to holla at my jessie girl in the blog world. love you friend.