roommate introduction #1

(don’t hate me.)




born: March 30 , 1989

hometown: murfreesboro, tn

hair color: blonde (with a sliver of pink)

laughter: contagious

friendship: given to me from je-bus

sonic order: banana milkshake

one thursday freshman year, i wandered over to the Young Life house to meet some people to visit Carter High School’s club. who knew that the sweet, smiley blonde would become a roommate of mine? i knew that i wanted to be her friend only because she was so full of joy and i was immediately attracted to that in her personality. ———fast forward to fall of sophomore year————> mike mckinney’s geology class — we meet again. this time a friendship is formed by sitting together on row two of eps 302. one day the thought just popped into my mind to see where she was living next year. she was looking for a house to live in with her friends as well! the kinks got worked out and so, now she’s one of the “sassy six” (i just made that up // hope it does not stick) living in our house next year. cannot wait to have her cleanliness be a part of hell (the bottom floor of our house which jessie, devin, and i will reside in.)

i love that she is confident in her tweets. she’s one of my only blonde friends. i love that she just bought her domain name, (under construction, but coming soon people.) i love the way she encourages me as me and does not try to mold me into anyone else. her laugh makes me laugh. our random, whiny, heartfelt, deep conversations always leave me feeling refreshed. i love that she leads young life at austin-east — (keep at it friend!). she’s a blogger, check it her’s out here. mostly, i love the way she lives out her faith everyday. that inspires me.

cannot wait for more late night sonic runs next year. excited to know her better and grow in the lord with her. just wanted to holla at my jessie girl in the blog world. love you friend.


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