roommate introduction #2

miss jennifer elizabeth campbell 

born: december 27, 1989
hometown: knoxville, tn
lover of: jesus, john mayer, and tuna salad from long's
sorority: chi omega
siblings: julianne, 17 (shorter, blonde mini-jenn)
t.v. choice: reality shows + friends
friendship: best of mine

shameful for me to admit, but it all began with our beloved time-waster called facebook. thanks to that nerdy, Harvard student, i found a roommate for my freshman year after i’d been ding-dong ditched by other girls from memphis. quickly, we began a friendship full of giggles and underwear(ing) parties in our dorm room — holla atchu humes 321. we have dealt with exploding diet cokes, silly boys, flakey friends, and lots of long-distance (memphis-knoxville-buena vista). the lord just knew what he was doing when he decided that we would become roommates and soon-to-be besties. i’d dare to say that we need each other. we call each other out. we love each other well. we can cry together.

jenn loves jesus more than anything. that has rubbed off on me in the past two years we’ve known each other. she cares about me and the little things that no one else wants to hear me talk about. i love that she is so musically inclined — playing the piano, guitar, mandolin, i’m sure there are more to come. we have a friendship that we both know pours into each others’ spiritual lives. she loves tan towels. singing is her past time. she is very crafty and i want to join that train. some might say that we tweet too much at each other, but really we are just sharin’ life with each other like a match made in heaven (jesus did have us know each other). webb school of knoxville has just acquired her fun, spunky spirit on their Young Life team. what a blessing she will be to those girls.

there are so many memories i could share, so many more compliments to give, but i’ll stop only to spare the rest of you (non-emma or jenn-ers).


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