parenthood: false alarm

does anyone even watch this show? you should. (

it comes on tuesday nights after LOST. it is wonderful.

questionable reasons why i love it so much: possible reason #1, i’m not a girl, not yet a woman (if i can make that reference). i’m in the betweensie stage. outta my parents’ house, but not fully dependent on me. i like watching people in the adult phase cuz i’m ‘comin one quick. possible reason #2, getting lost in others’ “realities” is enjoying to me. it’s almost like i mentally counsel these people who are not real and they cannot hear me. pretty useless. that’s embarrassing to admit.

i do not find myself laughing out loud at many things — namely just my sister and her ridiculous humor. i’m here to say, this show makes me laugh. some of its plot lines make me cringe (gross grown-up talk) and others simply make my heart warm (sweet pursing-sarah braverman-moments from the english teacher).

i’m learning that i get attached to fake people. people in movies. people in books. people in television shows. tagging myself as one particular character is something else that is becoming habit. without further adue, meet the T.V. version of me (according to the NBC website  character bios and my own opinion)….

what if i was blonde?

Kristina Braverman might have married into the large, messy Braverman family but having been with Adam since their early college years, she’s certainly earned her central position in the clan’s daily dynamic. Kristina, a constant source of stability and support for anyone who needs it, is a wise, and quietly forceful woman who loves her husband and children deeply and with incredible strength. With her straight-A teenage daughter Haddie who’s testing the waters of her independence, her eight-year-old son Max, whose inability to adjust socially has her worried, and her husband Adam, who’s just beginning to cope with the reality of it all, Kristina’s fearless spirit and boundless energy are proving to be essential tools in keeping her head above water. So much for getting back to that career she’s put on hold till her kids were at school full-time… for now at least.

Minus the husband. and the children. and all that comes along with that. i’d say this is me on the show —fearless spirit, a constant source of stability, support for anyone who needs it, all while being a wise, and quietly forceful woman. well, i’m working on the quietly part. (been praying about the “quick to listen, slow to speak” verse. for real though).

bottom line: watch + (laugh/cry) – sex references = worth your while


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