roommate introduction #3

katie short, unlocked

kt in a semi-nutshell: smiles, coffe, and sweatshirts

hometown: germantown, tn

hobbies: eating healthy, working out, loving jesus

attached: currently, yes

favorite new t.v. show: the O.C. (thanks to me)

nickname: shortie-kins

where to begin? one humid, sweaty day in may 2008, i wake up to go to my (would-be-but-pump-faked-me-last-minute) roommate for my freshman year at UT | shoutout to my actual roomie: jenny from (the) knox | i never was one for dressing up, but  borrowing a dress from a friend + having taken a shower = ready to mingle with the ECS crowd. and, so i head to my first ever tea party/graduation party (pinky up). after wandering and eatin’ too fancy-a-food for a collierville girl, i see a girl walk in with a headband, t-shirt, and shorts — immediately i knew we would be friends. we meet. we talk. we move into humes. we become friends. we become roommates. we somewhat rub off on each other (i like to think i eat healthier bc of her). the rest is history…

she is becoming one of the westland six (really need to think of a house name). and so it begins, the journey of continuing to figure out the wonderfully complex kathleen short. what i can say with certainty is that shortie-kins loves jesus with everything she got. i love the way she wakes up early to spend time with jesus everyday. she wouldn’t be able to eat her meals with her beloved clock aka scheduled time frames. oh we are very different — examples = katie: clean(er), active, takes-naps-above-the-covers, intelligent academically, swimmer / lifeguard, healthy eater | me: clean-when-i-wanna-be, lover of my bed, cookin’ smarts/ food service intern, i drive everywhere, bury-myself-in-my-covers-anytime-of-the-day.

all in all, shortie-kins is a wise owl(ette) — not reference to chi o. she’s got a big summer ahead of her with her cedar springs internship and many ole jeffery movin’ to the east side of the state! her wisdom and joy always motivate me. even if when i go to bed you aren’t home yet and i wake up and you are already gone, thanks for only ever being you, katie girl.


One thought on “roommate introduction #3

  1. i live with miss short now and i can honestly say that:
    a) i love her
    2) you might have under exaggerated how clean she is
    d) she does eat healthy, but not in that way were i feel like she is eying my food and being judgie-wudgie about my [overall] lack of health

    let me reiterate how you under emphasized with “clean(er)”: she has bleached the [entire] kitchen twice. for that i am forever grateful to her.

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