greetings from the great state of…

home of what i like to call the altitoots (lots of pootin’ due to the altitude)

well, after a road trip full of bumpy roads (arkansas), many o’ cows (oklahoma), massive winds (kansas), and snow in may (colorado), WE MADE IT!!!!

last night around midnight local time [aka 2 am for you eastern time zone folks], we arrived at the haks’ house. may i just say they were so hospitable and willing to let us stay at their new house they moved into on sunday. whoa, talk about gracious. chris used to be on property here at frontier and helped me get my internship last summer, so i’d say he’s a big reason why i’m at frontier at all this summer. we woke up and it was snowing. hard. (keep in mind that i was in a t-shirt and shorts.. brrrrrrr). it was such a blessing to be able to sit with him and julie this morning, talk about life and camp, and just be. it was peaceful and relaxing and a great way to start my time off in colorado.

karl and i bopped our way on over to bv — napped on the short, 2hr drive — and was greeted by some of the interns and precious jess chambers. i interned with her last summer. she is so full of life. i wish she were staying all summer again, but she now is married and has a real job as a nurse in grapevine, tx. she’ll be back with her camper girls during week 4 of camp, but its been another gracious thing the lord has given me: time with her.

dinner happened. club happened. and not i’m about to crawl into my wonderfully-made bed to get some good sleep before day 1 of work tomorrow.

love you all. thanks for caring and reading. until next time… may the toots not be with you.


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