work week, see ya later

work week is officially over as of 8:30am this morning. today the weather was over 70 degrees. one week until session one people get to camp. glory glory hallelujah.

there is no way around it — work week is just long. i pretty much ran most of the meals i’ll run this summer. it was hard, but very necessary to get back in the swing of simply running meals. i had forgotten all that goes into it. it became so simple after a few months. one day i had ‘projects/snack’ — basically i bossed around these two boys to do a bunch of random grunt work in the kitchen. we painted door frames, metal supports, and gas pipes in the kitchen. it was refreshing to not be completely in the kitchen for a day. the boys were fun and we laughed a lot. i’m ready for summer camp. i’m ready for consistency, a normal schedule, and to have people here longer than a week.

i opened the kitchen two mornings in a row this week (pancake breakfast, hello 4:45am & continental breakfast when everyone left, hello 5:45am). i’m physically worn out. spiritually, i’ve been waking up before going into work. WHAT A BLESSING! i’ve been praying for that since march and the lord is literally blessing me in that. there isn’t much else going on… i’m working a wedding tomorrow (a girl who works here at frontier). then, i’m off on sunday. we have a high school group using camp for a few days for a senior retreat thing — assign team gets here on thursday (WILL ACKER!) and then summer staff and work crew arrives on friday!!! pumped to say the least.

on another note, we just got camo young life food service hats. btatt ordered them.. classy huh? takin’ meh back to mah rootz. i’m kind of (really) excited about them. i’ll post a picture when the staff all wears them. on another, different note, we took a picture to replace in one of the store fronts in the dining hall. the kitchen staff (brandon, jim, rachel, philip, levi, sarah, and i) all put on old time-y clothes, posed in a faux-family-portrait and put it in the store front. hilarious — i’ll show you all soon.

OVERALL, this week = fun and low-key (despite the work). blessings to yall!


2 thoughts on “work week, see ya later

  1. i was the only one who utilized this super fab nickname. you were in my phone as “emj” for a good half of a year.

    love you. praying for you.

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