home, home on the ranch

well, things are busy here. period. today is what camp staff has dubbed “day zero” (we speak in days here.. day 1=sunday, day 4=wednesday). in official, grown-up terms, today is known as training day — shout out to denzel. i worked from 6 to 3 training our new cooks — touring the kitchen, safety instructions, beginning friendships, and ended my shift by making 78 lasagnas. yuummmmm.

everyone missed the memo to put your guns up

i cannot believe summer is here. mentally, i’ve been here for 3 months already. but, i am ready for the normalcy of the same, exact schedule for the rest of the summer. yesterday i was grumpy pants (in a major way). all the interns had driven to denver on thursday to see a rockies v. diamondbacks baseball game at the coors field. three hour drive (one way) + 20 people trying to coordinate seats together = disaster and NOT relaxing. rachel and i drove back right after the game (detouring rei with all the other interns), but stopped to pick up chick-fil-a for the tatt’s in littleton. that’d be my boss and his family. we, rachel and i, then proceeded to the family dollar in bv // it’s a new thing in town// followed by a good meal at Eddyline with even better conversation. love rachel. she keeps me laughing and sane (at all times. and i do mean all). so, at work on friday, btatt asked me to do something for him and i gave him an ugly look — MAJOR WHOOPSIE.

WEEK 1 DAY 1 is tomorrow. big deal. pray. please!

in other news, peachy pat has arrived. as a semi-serious thing i bid on a crewneck patagonia fleece sweatshirt type deal and came back from work one day having won it! 9 bucks ain’t too shabby for a good ole fleece. thanks ebay. rachel has named her eleanor. please refer to her as such.

thanks for reading. thanks for caring. peace out.

love, emj  (the nickname that never was fully born, but now it’s stuck)


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