code red

attention all : this is not to be confused with ….

last night, officially day 1 of the summer (and the session along with the week), at 8:45pm a CODE RED was instituted across camp. everyone was immediately ordered to go back to their housing and everyone was on lock down. for us in the kitchen, that was a problem. we hadn’t finished scrubbing the floors — besides the fact i had to run snack [cookies and punch] at 11:30. rachel, sarah, and i hung out in our room skyping with the ever-entertaining mallory ann brooks and other FB chatters. at 11:30, we were allowed to return to the mantee… so naturally we stole someone’s work horse (manly golf cart) keys.

may i set the picture up for you? pitch black. you can hear the winding rustling the tree branches. moon bright enough to fish by. head lamp on. chef pants and peachy pat are along for the ride. the cart is old and can barely make it up a little hill, let alone the big ole one we walk up everyday. 3 average girls just trying to ride up the hill = not conducive to old rickety. so i’m running and pushing the cart while jumping in for a breather every 5 seconds. we were dying laughing to say the least. most exercise i’ve gotten since i’ve been here.

problems were solved by midnight (kind of). warm cookies and punch handed out at 1:30. exercise happened. btatt was semi-delirious.

i’d say first day of summer camp was a BLAST (too soon?)


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