week one + week two + week three

it’s been a while friends.. i suppose i should go in the order of the way things have happened these past weeks

BRECK (as its known to the locals, duh)

two fridays ago (june 4) was my first solo road-trip-to-a-foreign-place-to-hang-out-by-myself day. i cannot say that i hated it — in fact, i thouroghly enjoyed it. picture this: me driving a ford f-250 with montana license plates driving through the highways of colorado. fits me right?!

the drive is quite windy, but enoyable with the windows down and a good playlist going. the weather was perfect (skirt and t-shirt wearin’ weather). drivin myself over to breck is about an hour and a half away. not too bad at all. passing through small mountain towns with speed limits of 35mph.. i made it to town at about noon. after making an emergency stop at a restroom at the local park, i headed out to find the one (but not the only reason) i came to this quaint town = the PATAGONIA store.

hallejuah!!!!!! there she was. waiting patiently for my arrival and to break my bank. and so i bought a ‘better sweater.’ worth it.

i then travelled a block over to the best mexican restaurant i’ve ever been to. maybe i eat the same food all the time, so that’s why it was so tasty tasty, but still. i devoured a chicken-stuffed fried avocado covered with jalapenos sour cream and pico. YUMMMMM.


this past weekend a dear friend, chris hak came to BV. he used to be on staff here at frontier, but went to work for ransomed heart ministries dealing with their resources. he was a staple of frontier to me for so long that it was just a refreshment to see him and his precious wife julie. he engages. he listens. he asks questions. he is relational at his core. he generally just blesses me whenever i see him or talk to him.


as a whole, this session has been really difficult. the summer staff (minus dear sweet lane + a few others) have really tested my patience. it has really shown me how TRULY patient god is with us. for us to go to him willingly. i don’t know that i’ll ever think of that in the same way again. also, i’ve really learned how to (try to) give grace to others when they least deserve it — what a valuable lesson to learn, but ever so hard. grace is such a unique concept. there have been a lot of factors to make this session the way that it has turned out, and overall, it’s been challenging and testing. two things that seem to always go hand-in-hand.

tuesday night i walked out to tear down western revue and CALLIE KENDRICK & GRACIE REYNOLDS were standing by wigwam. what a blessing and refreshment it was to see them. the lord knew i needed to see some familiar faces.

this weekend is CHANGEOVER  (not to be confused with turnover). we will switch over to our 2nd session assign team, work crew, and summer staff. what a crazy weekend it will be…


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