week 5

there are not enough words to describe this week.


my area is here. my parents are here. rachel’s mom and sister are here. fort worth is here. everyone seemed to come the same week. it’s been tiring having to be all these places i’m normally not bc my mom and dad are here. it’s been fun, but exhausting. yesterday i got off of work and took a 4.5 hr nap just to TRY to catch up. today i slept in, but was still groggy. the lord has been working big in these last few weeks.

if i could use one word to describe the things i’ve learned this summer it would be: GRACE. i got taught a lot about this in the way i give grace during first session. during this session, i’ve been learning how the lord’s grace works. a friend and i are reading a book together (the discipline of grace by jerry bridges). i’ve only read 16 pages of the first chapter, but it has already radically effected my thinking —

here’s a favorite quote so far : “the pursuit of holiness requires sustained and vigorous effort. it allows for no indolence, no lethargy, no halfhearted commitment, and no laissez fare attitude toward even the smallest sins. in short, it demands the highest priority in the life of a christian, because to be holy is to be like christ — god’s goal for every christian.”


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