oh heavenly kingsley

this is my newest k9 friend, sir kingsley.

if i had a dog, i would want him. sometimes i dream that i need to get home earlier to let him out.. but alas he is not mine. a girl can dream and annoy jessie with my imagination alllll at the saaame time.

currently, he lives in washington, d.c. with some other people (bitter), but one day he will come to me. he’s an urban dog with more stylish attire than i care to admit // raincoats, devil costume, a peacoat. he has so much personality hidden in all those rolls. he captured my heart as a baby pup and the affection only grew stronger – – even though he is only one human year old. let the love just grow..

today, i’m thankful all dogs go to heaven.

L O N G     L I V E    K I N G S L E Y

(***attention*** this is a joke that is mean to go too far. click here to see his real family, who is absolutely precious. over and out.)


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