fort fridays



there is me, all bundled in our kickin’ fort -looking like i’m saying my prayers before bed- about to go to sleep! i’m going to propose a house ritual of sorts for fort fridays. (i mean at least a few more of the many fridays we have living in this house, we will get manly, get domestic, and build us a place o’ shelter.)  if i could tell you what happened in this past friday’s fort.. you wouldn’t believe me. all i’ll say is i know a  w h o l e new dimension to miss morgan stridde. who, by the way, will be living here next year (thankful, excited, and anticipating her occupancy into the room under the stairs)!

jessie, jenn, and i planned on doing homework and laying low last night.. the ideal (and typical for that matter) friday night if you ask me. “girls hanging out-doing nothing time” as tim branch calls it and tries to understand why we like it. i had just taken an outing to the ever-adventurous and always-entertaining wal-mart for some late night grocery shopping. i prefer to avoid the masses, but instead have to hurdle and dodge the employees re-stocking the shelves. i think i’d rather be in the maze of bulk produce than people.

back to the fort…

jenn went to bed early (in true responsible fashion) and i was wandering aimlessly around downstairs, kind of talking with jessie, and suddenly it hits me smack in the face… I MUST BUILD A FORT with our incredibly convenient fort-capable roof system = ceiling tiles in a home are actually worth something after all. (fort idea courtesy of the darling British girls in “The Holiday,” thanks Olivia and Sophie!)

jessie and i gathered sheets, blankets, and down comforters & with our rapid-fort building skills, we waited while the smell of homemade peach cobbler took over the house.

soon enough the party arrived (ckkm, m to the striddes) and the we headed down into the fort with some yummy peach cobbler + ice cream in hand at the healthy eating-time of 11:00pm – – past my grandma internal clock. then, we got silly—belly laughing. snorting. took pictures. talking life, love, and ministry. spewing. seeing double (get it, morgan?). sleepy eyes. stomach pillows. waking taylor up.

feels like jessie and i should have indian (dot) food in hand – – many more fun nights in the fort to come. this will be known as the weekend that we built the first fort at our house. here’s to makin’ memories!

moral of the story:

being silly in a fort is always as fun as it used to be & so is staying in on a friday night


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