it hasn’t rained in knoxville in a while and today has been weird. the heavy fog especially got to me.. don’t know why. tonight i’m going to be real. rain turned me to jesus today, because i let myself be sad.

as patty griffin says: sometimes all I can do is weep weep weep, with all this rain falling down.

sad about my karen kingsbury book, even though there is redemption all in it. sad about how oppressed and rejected people have no justice. sad about the blog, don’t waste your cancer. (started from the beginning and it’s just gettin’ to me). sad that i didn’t call everyone i wanted to catch up with. i should be used to crying – i’m a crier. it’s been a season of crying, which i’m reminding myself is ok. i’ve just been living in joy and trust and contentment. but in my weakness, christ’s strength is shown more fully. being weak is actually being strong. life is real and it’s not always happy, but it’s real. i’m thankful for the cross tonight. thankful that jesus died so i might be redeemed out of all the darkness of the world. thankful that there is freedom in christ’s sovereignty. thankful for tim keller’s words this weekend. maybe i’ll write about them soon.


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