blackberry is my jam. literally.

I LOVE BLACKBERRIES. i also love asheville (which we roadtripped to on saturday). we (meredith, marie, and i) went to tupelo honey and they have the yummiest blackberry-cranberry jam to put on the biggest-buttery-goodness of a biscuit. yummmm. then, i got a beer. to my waiter, i said: “i think i want a beer.” he replied, “i understand. go ahead.” i ordered an apricot ale – it was sweet, so perfect with the jam. i ordered catfish tacos – i don’t think i’d order them again, but they were really yummy. as a catfish snob, growing up so close to mississippi and my grandparents making the best catfish i’ve ever had, it was an excellent choice.

we did a little shopping at urban outfitters and some local boutiques. i bought a dress, which i  l-o-v-e, in hopes of having some nicer clothes. made a stop at the j.crew warehouse to catch some sales, which we didn’t catch at all. we also saw a pretty obnoxious “pro-choice” rally. whistles. hootin’ & hollerin’. we didn’t approve.

we had a fun day out — eating + shopping. i plan on going back very soon. mere and i want to conquer the j.crew sale next month. and we will.


One thought on “blackberry is my jam. literally.

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