i like wrapping things

using funky materials to decorate presents or packages makes me happy. what i actually like is using things for their unintended purpose. browsing martha stewart’s whole living site, i ran across and article on “eco gift wrapping”. you’ll love their ideas. i did.

martha’s wrapping paper ideas: old newspapers. bandanas. street maps. old scraps of fabric. vintage wallpapers. old burlap bags. not-wanted t-shirts.

i use boxes that my crackers, cereals, pasta, cookies, etc to mail things in. i turn them inside out (big fan of brown paper things) and then re-tape them. all about recycling. i love dollies. old book pages are my weakness in the craft world. being crafty makes me just want to give gifts to people.

(via martha stewart, http://www.wholeliving.com/article/eco-gift-wrap?backto=true)


One thought on “i like wrapping things

  1. I love it too! So glad to see that someone else out there appreciates putting new uses to old or discarded things… beauty for ashes! It is what God does with us!

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