hearing waves crashing

good morning from the beach. it’s been 4 year drought – i always go to the mountains, but i think i’m going to like this spring break. let me paint a picture of our road trip for you…

we left knoxville at 2:00pm. caroline schaef and mal in the tahoe. bailey, caroline seward, and i in my car. bailey introduced me to new music which i’m not so sure is new, but i’d never heard it. i’d call it more “culturing” because i think everyone in america’s pop culture would know all the songs. boogying along the many highways we travelled on, we made stops to use the privvy at a pilot that made mal reminscice about camp desoto days, got caro some delicious peach ice cream from a intense fruit stand with a beach-loving owner named danny, stopped for thanksgiving dinner (literally) and salads in what felt like a wooden box but was really called the house of turkey, and then sped (carefully) our way into destin around 11pm knoxville time. lots of laughter. introduced mal to tan towels upon our arrival. wooaahhh. too long-a-drive for my liking.

BUT WE ARE HERE – ready to lay out. ready to relax. ready to read through the 8 books i brought to read. ready to eat and eat and eat.


happy spring break y’all.

relax if you can.


(p.s. learned that i am now a light sleeper. mal moans in her sleep. wish i would have brought my fan which doubles as a sound machine.)


until next time…


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