i’m currently making two different wedding invitations – – pictures to come – – for a roommate and a friend from Colorado.

WHEW – more work than i anticipated in the beginning.

apparently, i scream craftiness and creativity. i like that.

last night there was a little misspelling mishap after some tripling-checking the final invite, so i must start over  – needed patience in that moment since i am hand-cutting the paper with an xacto knife.

i know i can make the invitation look better, so in the end it will be good and hopefully glorify the lord more, but honestly, i was a little frustrated. since i am seeking to live more for the lord and see Him in all things, i will choose to start over with a thankful heart that i can make the invitations look even better than before.

then, this afternoon i run across today’s letters in my google reader. it revamps my love for crafts.

the drugs are good & plenty candies // the drug bottle's labels are hand-made // the invitation is in the pill bottle - how creative!

so, i will press on. do another invitation with a renewed spirit and for His excellency!

(via today’s letters)

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