1 week til easter.

2 weeks left of class.

21 days until buena vista for five days.

29 days until southwind for three months.

1 year left of college.

where has the time gone? it feels like i just started my junior year and now it is on the brink of being completed. i thank the lord tonight that being present where i am is a valuable lesson i have learned while i’ve been in college. so many times it is easy for me to wish i was “just in colorado,” or “just at a young life camp,” or “just out of school.” i would have missed all the growth i’ve had through the past three years and the year that is to come.

thank you, lord, for revealing your perfect timing and your sovereignty.

1 thessalonians 5:18

“give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of god in christ jesus for you.”

i am thankful for:

  • the beautiful reminder given today on “kingdom business”
  • the spring weather that breathes life into my soul
  • the reynolds’ hospitality that abundantly nourishes me (spiritually and physically) on sunday nights
  • friends who listen to my heart patiently
  • my family of faith all over the country
  • this sabbath day
  • telephones to hear peoples’ voices from afar
  • christ speaking to us continually through his Living Word
  • this Holy Week
i want to choose thankfulness. our god is gracious and faithful.
this is where i start this holy week – – – – still, quiet, and thankful.

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