come home annie

one of mal and i’s favorite movies ever is the parent trap.

the one with lindsey lohan.

when we got out first “new” car, mals named her hallelujah the honda, hallie for short. we didn’t know that when i got my car, it’d be the same thing, just a different color. at some point, someone much more clever than i, named my car annie.

so now the hondas are:  hallie and annie. twins forever, like mal and i.

annie got in a bit of a wreck the other week and she has been in the shop for over a week now – – at first it was fun to drive a rental car, but now i just want my honda back. it’s like it is a part of me, but not in a idolizing or possessive way, more like it’s familiar to me.. the brown. the programmed radio stations. the way my car reads the tracks on my cds. you know it’s just like my car. when i think of going to get something out of my car, i think of my honda, not the space car (as mal calls it). when i walk to my car after class, i forget what car to look for.

it’s like something in my mind is outta-whack. my feng shui is off. i’m going to act like that last sentence works.

ultimately, i think this whole thing shows my desire of familiarity and comfort. i know that the Lord is at work in my upcoming summer by placing me out of my comfort zone and at a young life camp that is no familiar to me… well.. because i’ve never been there. and so, christ is in all things – even my desire to have my beloved annie back with my hands on her steering wheel and my feet on her pedals. i will choose to walk in faith and trust in times of uncertainty and unfamiliarity.

here is the wreckage that will be gone when i pick it up from the shop:

doesn’t look too bad, but it’s $3,000 worth of damage. the lord always provides all we need, not just what we want. grateful the other person had insurance to cover it!


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