today’s storm

i was running at the beautiful trails of cherokee blvd when the storm hit. i heard it coming, but the rain started quite suddenly.

it was not a measly little shower… it was almost a hurricane. i’m exaggerating. the winds were whipping around. (so was my hair.) the rain was pelting down. my mind wouldn’t think in more than 3 or 4 steps ahead of myself. dark sky ahead that was only one shade of grey. the heat that had been building in my body was immediately washed away by the water dripping down my face. lightening came down. thunder roared. it was intense and i’m not doing it justice, but you get the picture…

i began to think as i got in my car how refreshed i felt.

i wan’t upset that my run was a grand total of 7 minutes. my clothes were drenched, yet somehow my heart felt wiped clean. what a feeling to have the day after easter. i might be taking this too far, but it was a reminder of how i am cleansed by the blood of christ every day not just on easter.

i like noticing christ in the little every-day-things of our lives. because he is always there.


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