tomorrow is the day



i cannot believe it’s here. josh keeps saying that all the time. i’ve already been here two and a half weeks. where did that time go? the past two days i’ve worked over 13 hours getting ready for assign team, work crew, and summer staff arrivals. now, the campers come.

i have lots of photos to share i’ve been taking… but gotta rest.

pray for:

  • strength – my body is feeling the little sleep and long hours of hard work
  • the gospel to be spoken through our speaker andrew boyd
  • my heart to serve out of christ’s love and not my own strength

good, long talks

the humorous boys (johnny, jason, and jeff) went serious on the car ride back from dinner tonight. and i loved it.

so thankful for the group of us that were out there just speaking  truth into each other.

today at work.. i felt like i didn’t work, but only because i did a lot of office work. looking for a good karaoke cd to have for princess dinner. searching for the right format to make new photographer name necklaces for night 4 dinner. re-typing up instructions on how to make water balloons, flour bombs, and yuck(it’s this ooey-gooey sticky slimey stuff you smear all over people).  we have a group in as of tomorrow and that will change the dynamic of camp entirely. i’m excited and sad about that. no more low key nights, but it will most definitely bring life in to this place.

i’m hoping to get some good time tonight with jesus, so i’m gonna run. don’t have to work tomorrow until 2pm. i wonder if i’ll be able to sleep past 7 because i haven’t for the past two weeks. we shall see!

river rats

we had a half day of work today. the intern coordinators planned a BIG SURPRISE for us and really did keep it a secret until we got there.

they took us out on some boats and we went and swam in some cool springs. as we went through this narrow section, i felt more like a character of swamppeople than a floridian.

it was so relaxing and starting tomorrow we have groups in until the start of summer camp next wednesday.. so this was our last day of “rest” and hang out time with everyone before all of our schedules are all out of whack with one another’s. that is jef below. (yes, that’s how you spell his name. actually, it’s jefry.) he is the maintenance supervisor. he’s so calm, but when he speaks its profound and that much more meaningful. he’s cared for us as interns so well already. i kind of shocked him today because he was looking at brown sharpie’s in the guest services office and i asked him if he thought those would work to cover up the blue tap screws on the new dorm signs. he was stunned, because to him, i read his mind. it’s on my to-do list to take care of those tap screws so i’ve been trying to figure out what to cover up the tap screws with. it was a bonding moment for us.

it was a blessing to be able to go out. the louder group was on the other boat. i love boats. our boat was so chill. (that’s nannie, me, and mattie above. mattie again on the bottom picture.) the wind. the sun. the calmness. we saw lots of alligators and turtles and long fish that looked like they could bite my feet off. the highlight was a baby manatee! he was so cute and we only caught a glimpse, but he was so cute. got some sun, too much actually. but, it was a good day.

i planned on this post being about what i’ve been learning, but as usual sleep takes priority over good blogging, so until next time!

pray for rest and that i’d really live out what doing this job with christ in the forefront of my mind looks like. His strength, not my own. thanks yall.



“i wanna blow up cats”

currently sitting at the boys’ house listening to them writing a rap about “blowing up cats.” it’s not really funny, yet i keep laughing. i might get to rap a verse if they let me. i’ll share when the beat drops.

today was so full of man to-do’s. drove 40 minutes away to pick up a truckload of firewood. loaded it up then unloaded when i got back to camp. the guy at the sawmill where we picked it up asked johnny if i could “cook and clean because i sure could work” because he wanted a woman like me. we laughed. johnny and i shared things about our lives with each other. feel like i talk about him a lot, but as my partner-in-crime, he is just who i spend lots of my time with. our conversation was full of the redemption of jesus which was good. did lots of spray painting of buckets we will use this summer for yuck war. killed 30 minutes in the office talking to the admin manager. maybe not so much man stuff, but the wood-haulin’ was super manly.

tomorrow we are going on a surprise trip as an intern class. more details to come!

cpr training + a move

today has felt really long – it also marks the ONE WEEK mark of me being here. i can hardly believe it has been only one week. it feels like a month already. we had cpr training this morning. i was semi-nervous about it, but it ended up being given by a past intern. it was kind of a joke.

can i say that?

i feel like i could administer cpr to you if you needed it, but it was low-key to say the least. then, during the work week here some really great people built the guest services team a new storage area. so we moved all supplies for summer’s events, club props, extension cords, tools, paint, rope light, all kinds of basketballs, volleyballs, wiffle balls into this new area. and it’s CLEAN. that’s a big deal around here.

johnny and i also hung an   A M E R I C A   flag. go ‘merica. the boys said they might start to salute to it when we leave the room.

i am feeling more settled. more like i know this place. the property staff knows me and i know them. that’s a good feeling. the intentional conversations are happening more frequently. i know that i am just ready for summer to start and i have events to run and things to do that i know how to do. so, obviously, i’m being humbled in that right now. it’s causing me to trust the lord with the little things all the more – which i may not always do well, but i am conscious that i desire that.

i’m about to watch john wood’s sermon from yesterday and i can’t wait. church yesterday was just.. lacking? not much scripture. so i am thankful for cedar springs and how the lord so clearly uses the people there to share His gospel and truth and word.

in TEN days, campers will be here! cannot wait. today i walked into the bathroom and glanced in the mirror to see how dirty i was  from moving things and i couldn’t see my head because the mirror was down low. i forgot middle school girls are so short and little still. i laughed.

promise pictures will come soon! love you all.

(oh and something to be praying for… josh (my boss) is taking tomorrow off because his girlfriend’s dad is getting his arm amputated from at least the elbow down because of cancer that has come back. it’s pretty serious. thanks!)

the villages

two nights ago i ventured to the villages for the first time. it’s literally an old person’s paradise. all the oldies drive their golf carts over to the square and dance and eat and shop. here is a video of thomas and mattie dancing among all the precious and ridiculous old people…

it was my first time out on the town since being here. funny that community suits everything i love – going to bed early, low key dinners, and evening strolls. we hung out at this fudge shop for a while waiting for jeff to meet us after he ate dinner with his grandparents.


it has been a long first week. lots of projects, lots of learning, lots of time with people – all the time. it’s allowed me to hold my thoughts captive to christ and let me get my strength by leaning on him. this next week will be just as busy, but as i learn the ropes of camp (pictures to come!) i do believe it will be an easier week. i am thankful for that.

yesterday we woke up and went to the dam diner with one of the kitchen staff folks, isaiah. yum in my tum. then we came back to camp and went swimming in the pool and slid down the slide about 10 times. used the inner tube a time or two and flew down – – laughed a lot with everyone. i got a bunch of sun, too! i can rub my nose and it hurts so that’s how much its burnt. whoopsie. i read by the pool too which was really relaxing. then, some of the interns made dinner and it was surprisingly delightful. i didn’t doubt their cooking, just what they chose to cook. it was a peach and chicken dish, compliments of rachel ray. i think this is the correct recipe.

i feel as though i am learning a lot about property staff as a whole already. being at a different camp for not even a week has already opened my eyes to so much. i am thankful for that lesson and how the lord will continue to shape me through the summer through that. i am missing my knoxville people – i also feel like i am beginning to find my niche in this community here which is a blessing because this past week i felt like i was flying solo since everyone else has been here a million times, ya know?

i’m off to church this morning with all the interns.

be blessed!