trip to the rockies

knoxville’s airport completes its quaintness with rocking chairs. loved how typically southern and welcoming it was to sit and read as i left for colorado on monday afternoon. zoomed from knoxville-to-chicago-to-denver-to-colorado springs. made friends with a nun in the chicago airport. the flight from chicago to denver almost made me vomit from the high winds we flew into upon arriving in denver. i honestly was thinking.. why don’t they keep barf bags in the seat pockets anymore? what am i supposed to do when i throw up my complimentary diet coke? then my flight to THE SPRINGS (that’s for you, mal) was delayed 1.5hrs, so i chatted with a woman from california and an italian woman whose husband had just died a month ago. i felt like i got to share a little bit of jesus with them both, which was really unexpected and i’m thankful for that time with them. they were both definitely over 60 – precious little old women.

calvin tattershall, with his baseball hat amplifying his ears, greeted me upon my arrival into the springs with his mom, lisa, and a friend from frontier, heather. he ran into my arms. there’s something about a little 7 year old remembering you after 8 months and saying with his hands held behind his back all gentleman-like: “emma jane, i have been waiting and waiting for you to come back to colorado. man, i am glad you are here.” love that kid. later in the week he gave me a physical that was nothing short of one of the best moments of the week – – he claimed me mentally unstable because my socks didn’t match.

my first day (tuesday) was full of hellos, hugs, and soccer games in town. ran around with maintenance karl around camp. saw rachel leigh for the first time in too long! ate a burger at lunch, which i always avoided during summers past. i went with the tatts (minus brandon) to river park and we watched sam ref some games, hannah play, and lisa coach. i went on a run which was one of the better runs i’ve had in a while and then found a special rock from last summer and sat and prayed. serene. peaceful. couldn’t have asked for a better day. although i was in town for most of the afternoon, camp was in full swing for  work week one:

scrubbing algae off the bottom of the pool

ernie smoothing out the new path beside the kiva and medicine man

bobby b and joe

the new, expanded hot tub

then, the wednesday snow..

around 12 inches in 12 hours. maybe more, it was really heavy snow so it was packing and not all light and fluffy. i was definitely ready for it to stop as beautiful as it was.

that night i went to THE FRITZ with zach and janlee. we went to eat sushi and found out that the owner flys in his two buddies from san diego who pack their own fish from the coast and come in for two days just to make loads and loads of sushi. it was really really good – for mountain sushi at least. (i’d still pick nama any day.) had some great conversation with them and headed home to the tatts.

thursday may have been my favorite day. i made knot rolls with naty, which is an art that she’d been too impatient to teach me last summer. we had our typically conversation about how “men are rats, weird, and they make you miserable,” according to naty. she brought me earrings back from the phillipines! sweet natividad!

i left BV with brandon and our drinks from the buena vista roastery (my favorite coffee shop in town), headed for the springs to stay with the thompsons. the conversation with brandon on the way there was undoubtedly given to me through christ’s grace and i am so thankful that i have been able to work under such a wise man for the past two summers. it was a gift to sit with him and have some one-on-one time with him. the thompsons were a blessing to stay with.. not only did they love me through meals and comfy beds, but the conversation blessed me the most. from future property staff job possibilities to what growing up looks like.. i feel like i learned so much from steve and christy. friday morning, i woke up, had a few revelations while reading my paul tripp book, and headed to breakfast with steve and katie to a quaint little breakfast joint in downtown colorado springs, called the olive branch. it had a pub feel. very british. lots of brick. a long bar with homemade orange juice on one end and the tap beer on the other. lots and lots of booths. ate the biggest omelette ever and then trucked it over to the airport.

the sunset was U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E as i left houston, flying back to the south. i tried to read my book and not look out the window, but i just couldn’t help it. it reminds me of a south carolina sunset (or license plate, if you’ve seen one). pure and raw beauty. thankful for how the sky shows me a glimpse of the lord’s greatness and vastness.

in my time in colorado, i felt more affirmed to be going to southwind (WHICH I AM LEAVING FOR ON MONDAY AT 6AM!). while frontier will hold a special place in my heart, it is time to go to the swamplands and get bitten by bugs. i may regret saying that later, but i am ready to be there..


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