first few days

my emotions are everywhere since arriving in ocklawaha, which is technically where i am – – not ocala. that is like 30 minutes away. who knew? just got home from a night at some property folks house. it was so good to laugh and feel like friends for the first time with everyone. that sounds mean, but i don’t mean for it to. 

lots of learning the camp layout, painting basketball goals, going over summer’s schedule & the guest services manifesto, laughing at how funny johnny (the other GS intern) is all the time, blowing up a hundred neon inter tubes, driving the golf cart, vacuuming carpets outside, crying, and meeting new people. there is so much to update on, but i must rest or tomorrow will not be a fun day.

i am thankful for josh, johnny, chrissy, and how the GS team is already feeling like a team. it’s hard to step away from all i know into a camp i know nothing about. i didn’t remember how much that affects day-to-day work. it is getting better. more to come when i have the time! the lord is so present and His providence is not forgotten in this season of uncertainty and newness. love you all.

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