paint pro

started the day off with a meeting addressing all the “rules” of the summer from the property manager, lee. short and sweet.

then, i stood on a ladder with johnny from 9-3 painting 6 basketball goals. painting 2 coats of white. taping off for the box around the goal to be painted red. then painting the rim red. repainting white because the red spray paint got everywhere no matter if we covered the whole goal with cardboard and tape. 6 times. whew, my feet are sore. i laughed most of the time we painted the goals because johnny kept getting paint all over himself. white on his nose. sprayed red paint on his arm that looked like sunburn. hit his neck on the rim that had just been painted red, so he looked like he had a cut throat. i just laughed and laughed because he kept getting it and spraying it everywhere!

after that was over, i went over to the red barn to paint some bats, flagpoles, and some clipboards for yuck war. lots of red, blue, yellow, and green. my thumb looks like a trolli gummi worm. today was lots of work and lots of standing on my feet. prayed alot through the day. i think the best part of the last few days has been working alongside johnny and getting to know him.

just finished the work day off with a round of not-so-successful double dutch. we were trying out some new ropes we got for the summer. i definitely am not good at that. tonight i will have lots of sleep and time to myself hopefully – that hasn’t happened much since i’ve been here.

be blessed!


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