the villages

two nights ago i ventured to the villages for the first time. it’s literally an old person’s paradise. all the oldies drive their golf carts over to the square and dance and eat and shop. here is a video of thomas and mattie dancing among all the precious and ridiculous old people…

it was my first time out on the town since being here. funny that community suits everything i love – going to bed early, low key dinners, and evening strolls. we hung out at this fudge shop for a while waiting for jeff to meet us after he ate dinner with his grandparents.


it has been a long first week. lots of projects, lots of learning, lots of time with people – all the time. it’s allowed me to hold my thoughts captive to christ and let me get my strength by leaning on him. this next week will be just as busy, but as i learn the ropes of camp (pictures to come!) i do believe it will be an easier week. i am thankful for that.

yesterday we woke up and went to the dam diner with one of the kitchen staff folks, isaiah. yum in my tum. then we came back to camp and went swimming in the pool and slid down the slide about 10 times. used the inner tube a time or two and flew down – – laughed a lot with everyone. i got a bunch of sun, too! i can rub my nose and it hurts so that’s how much its burnt. whoopsie. i read by the pool too which was really relaxing. then, some of the interns made dinner and it was surprisingly delightful. i didn’t doubt their cooking, just what they chose to cook. it was a peach and chicken dish, compliments of rachel ray. i think this is the correct recipe.

i feel as though i am learning a lot about property staff as a whole already. being at a different camp for not even a week has already opened my eyes to so much. i am thankful for that lesson and how the lord will continue to shape me through the summer through that. i am missing my knoxville people – i also feel like i am beginning to find my niche in this community here which is a blessing because this past week i felt like i was flying solo since everyone else has been here a million times, ya know?

i’m off to church this morning with all the interns.

be blessed!


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