cpr training + a move

today has felt really long – it also marks the ONE WEEK mark of me being here. i can hardly believe it has been only one week. it feels like a month already. we had cpr training this morning. i was semi-nervous about it, but it ended up being given by a past intern. it was kind of a joke.

can i say that?

i feel like i could administer cpr to you if you needed it, but it was low-key to say the least. then, during the work week here some really great people built the guest services team a new storage area. so we moved all supplies for summer’s events, club props, extension cords, tools, paint, rope light, all kinds of basketballs, volleyballs, wiffle balls into this new area. and it’s CLEAN. that’s a big deal around here.

johnny and i also hung an   A M E R I C A   flag. go ‘merica. the boys said they might start to salute to it when we leave the room.

i am feeling more settled. more like i know this place. the property staff knows me and i know them. that’s a good feeling. the intentional conversations are happening more frequently. i know that i am just ready for summer to start and i have events to run and things to do that i know how to do. so, obviously, i’m being humbled in that right now. it’s causing me to trust the lord with the little things all the more – which i may not always do well, but i am conscious that i desire that.

i’m about to watch john wood’s sermon from yesterday and i can’t wait. church yesterday was just.. lacking? not much scripture. so i am thankful for cedar springs and how the lord so clearly uses the people there to share His gospel and truth and word.

in TEN days, campers will be here! cannot wait. today i walked into the bathroom and glanced in the mirror to see how dirty i was  from moving things and i couldn’t see my head because the mirror was down low. i forgot middle school girls are so short and little still. i laughed.

promise pictures will come soon! love you all.

(oh and something to be praying for… josh (my boss) is taking tomorrow off because his girlfriend’s dad is getting his arm amputated from at least the elbow down because of cancer that has come back. it’s pretty serious. thanks!)

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