“i wanna blow up cats”

currently sitting at the boys’ house listening to them writing a rap about “blowing up cats.” it’s not really funny, yet i keep laughing. i might get to rap a verse if they let me. i’ll share when the beat drops.

today was so full of man to-do’s. drove 40 minutes away to pick up a truckload of firewood. loaded it up then unloaded when i got back to camp. the guy at the sawmill where we picked it up asked johnny if i could “cook and clean because i sure could work” because he wanted a woman like me. we laughed. johnny and i shared things about our lives with each other. feel like i talk about him a lot, but as my partner-in-crime, he is just who i spend lots of my time with. our conversation was full of the redemption of jesus which was good. did lots of spray painting of buckets we will use this summer for yuck war. killed 30 minutes in the office talking to the admin manager. maybe not so much man stuff, but the wood-haulin’ was super manly.

tomorrow we are going on a surprise trip as an intern class. more details to come!


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