river rats

we had a half day of work today. the intern coordinators planned a BIG SURPRISE for us and really did keep it a secret until we got there.

they took us out on some boats and we went and swam in some cool springs. as we went through this narrow section, i felt more like a character of swamppeople than a floridian.

it was so relaxing and starting tomorrow we have groups in until the start of summer camp next wednesday.. so this was our last day of “rest” and hang out time with everyone before all of our schedules are all out of whack with one another’s. that is jef below. (yes, that’s how you spell his name. actually, it’s jefry.) he is the maintenance supervisor. he’s so calm, but when he speaks its profound and that much more meaningful. he’s cared for us as interns so well already. i kind of shocked him today because he was looking at brown sharpie’s in the guest services office and i asked him if he thought those would work to cover up the blue tap screws on the new dorm signs. he was stunned, because to him, i read his mind. it’s on my to-do list to take care of those tap screws so i’ve been trying to figure out what to cover up the tap screws with. it was a bonding moment for us.

it was a blessing to be able to go out. the louder group was on the other boat. i love boats. our boat was so chill. (that’s nannie, me, and mattie above. mattie again on the bottom picture.) the wind. the sun. the calmness. we saw lots of alligators and turtles and long fish that looked like they could bite my feet off. the highlight was a baby manatee! he was so cute and we only caught a glimpse, but he was so cute. got some sun, too much actually. but, it was a good day.

i planned on this post being about what i’ve been learning, but as usual sleep takes priority over good blogging, so until next time!

pray for rest and that i’d really live out what doing this job with christ in the forefront of my mind looks like. His strength, not my own. thanks yall.




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