good, long talks

the humorous boys (johnny, jason, and jeff) went serious on the car ride back from dinner tonight. and i loved it.

so thankful for the group of us that were out there just speaking  truth into each other.

today at work.. i felt like i didn’t work, but only because i did a lot of office work. looking for a good karaoke cd to have for princess dinner. searching for the right format to make new photographer name necklaces for night 4 dinner. re-typing up instructions on how to make water balloons, flour bombs, and yuck(it’s this ooey-gooey sticky slimey stuff you smear all over people).  we have a group in as of tomorrow and that will change the dynamic of camp entirely. i’m excited and sad about that. no more low key nights, but it will most definitely bring life in to this place.

i’m hoping to get some good time tonight with jesus, so i’m gonna run. don’t have to work tomorrow until 2pm. i wonder if i’ll be able to sleep past 7 because i haven’t for the past two weeks. we shall see!


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