mega-post: week one

this week has been full of 12+ hour days, so little time to update you all! it’s still only day 3, but so much has been going on.

here ia something that have been happening in some off time.. i went to THE VILLAGES. the land of senior citizens and more golf carts than you can imagine. it’s kind of unbelievable and i love it there. so peaceful. slow paced. not wild, very mellow – obviously! this is the same place we went dancing before summer. lots of shops. it’s quaint and i appreciate that.

the day before summer started, the guest services team wanted to make this room called “outback” a little more home-y than it has been. it was used for storage, but by repainting and adding some furniture + an AC unit, it’s now become the work crew and summer staff hang out. well, i found some old frames in storage and used them to make boards to pin up verses or pictures in their hang out.

of course i made one for the GS office and hung it above my little desk space. it’s quite full now with some wonderfully dear letters from abby, jenn, jessie, and mary courtney. sweet melissa (guest services communications person) is letting me use half of her desk space and is letting me use her computer too. she’s so sharing and thoughtful.

i am planning on getting some visuals of camp and the events and just what my day-to-day life looks like. this week has been humbling that i don’t know how to set up everything or what it looks like. lots of questions. lots of graceful answers. i am so thankful to be learning under some really wonderful guest services people who care for the assign team so well.

how did it already become june? time is flying by. thankful to be here. i am learning so much this camp and its staff and what guest services is all about. wyld life camp is different than young life camp, but at the center christ is being proclaimed. i’m thankful to be a part of that. eternally grateful. i pray i never lose sight of that.


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