sleep changes everything

today is the first day i’ve slept in since i got to southwind – woooie. it’s also the first night i’ve gotten more than 5 hours of sleep since wednesday. that doesn’t sound that far away, but it feels like 2 weeks ago. needless to say, i feel refreshed. mentally. physically (although i do leave work everyday feeling like i just worked out my leg muscles at the gym. they are sore just sitting here). spiritually. thankful for the rest and feeling this way today.

i woke up at 11am and didn’t know where i was or what was going on. i just went to lunch and before that started i had a good  conversation with the speaker this month. his name is andrew. his sweet family is all here, which is somewhat of a miracle because last sunday they were in a major wreck. they didn’t know if they were  going to be able to come to southwind. his kids have black eyes and stitches. it’s hard to see little kids that beat up. last night i helped him get some props together for his sin talk. tonight he will give the cross talk and he is so passionate about speaking truth into these kids’ lives. it’s so obvious his heart to share the gospel. for him, it’s almost like breathing. easy. natural. routine.

i don’t work til four pm today. this is the only day of the week johnny and i actually work together. it’s for a pirate-princess dinner. they split up the girls and guys to eat. girls in the dining hall with princess foods like finger appetizers, cupcakes accompanied by karaoke. (i bought a new karaoke cd for our collection, justin bieber. i think it’ll be a hit since the girls went crazy at club last night when singing bieber!) boys eat outside with grub food without utensils. someone talks to both groups about what it looks like to be a man and a woman of christ. i’m so excited to see what tonight is like.


today is also MISS KATIE SHORT’s wedding day! sad to miss it, but i know that it will be so beautiful and i am excited for her and jeff.


love you all,





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