day one today. and the young life week starts all over again… it was such a good day. chrissy and i prepared so well and everything was so smooth. jeff said to me tonight, “this was the smoothest night yet.” that is a good thing to hear as guest services. that’s our goal. the dive-in movie and glowstick challenge even started like 20 minutes early. we were all on a role. basically, because the summer staff and work crew did SUCh a great job of remembering their jobs and setting it up so quickly.

one of the work crew bosses, daniel, asked our table today at lunch how our hearts were. it was amidst him feeding his 2.5 year old lunch. that’s just a picture of how well he cares for those around him. i didn’t answer him in that moment because i am working on communicating well and i wanted to take some time to sit in that question and have a real and truthful answer. so, tonight at dinner i went up to him and told him that my heart is re-focused. on why i wake up and do this job everyday. on how loving those around me is more important than getting my to-do list done. on giving god all the glory. thankful for such a conversation. also had some good, raw conversation with the snack bar girls. cannot wait to for those relationships continue to grow as the session continues. it has been different not to have summer staffers directly under me.

mattie put feathers in my hair today. no, i’m not hip. i just trusted her and we picked out some subtle colors and you can’t even really see them. one is purple. one is grey. it’s just fun to know they are there. tried to take a picture but it’s hard to do in bed without a mirror. they are going to sell this at the craft shack so i’m thinking i’m just more of a walking advertisement for the store?! yes, that’s what i’m telling myself.

this is my day. thanks for caring, friends.



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