thumb. sonic. wiffle ball.

one of these days i’m going to bring my camera with me to work… i will try to describe things well until then.

went in around 9am. had field games today. there are four stations (make team flag/cheer, water balloon toss, make a music video, and sprout ball). it got really hot ’round then. commence massive sweating. josh and i went back to the office and chugged some water.

dave, program director, asked us to have some trophies built for lunch that weren’t done, but i hauled it to make them so they’d be ready. josh helped me. you wouldn’t believe what spray painting something gold does to it. trash to treasure.

this is where the pictures would come in handy. my apologies. just picture lots of gold bling with gold trophy plates and back bases. all handmade by yours truly. i even got to work the chop saw. felt like a man.

first, i built the big frizz award. then, i got some things together for cabin challenge which takes place after lunch. it’s just a massive scavenger hunt for things all around camp. after that, i had to make some more trophies for cabin challenge. which is where the THUMB comes in.. flipped my whole nail back drilling some cups into the wood pieces that were the base for the trophy. lots of pain. little bit of blood. no big deal though. ran around the rest of the afternoon doing things to prep for club later this week and other things going on.. like making yuck. literally, it comes in a bag labeled: yuck. two kinds, sticky and chunky. doesn’t sound like i did much but today was busy, just not with events.

nannie and i went to sonic after dinner. it was spur of the moment and so fun. the weather tonight was actually enjoyable. not hot, almost kind of cool. can i say that about florida weather in the beginning of june? i just did. windows down with some music and really good conversation. we got drinks for most of the interns and property who were working. took us an hour to go and come back, but totally worth it. we both love giving gifts to others. love that nan and i have that in common.

you all really must see this wiffle ball night. it really is amazing. just got home from it and if i was a camper (especially a boy), i would have just died and gone to heaven. so much baseball themed things that would just make you crack up laughing. i’ve closed camp and then opened the next day, so i’m excited to sleep in tomorrow – – – it’s feeling so natural to be in this role. i miss food service, but i am really loving and enjoying guest services. more to come about a justin bieber moment that happened last week. it made me cry. crazy, i know.


good night!



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