my morning off

mattie and i woke up, put on our running shoes, and run-walked all around camp. me with my morning eyes. her wide awake.

i decided to go to town because getting out of ocklawaha is always refreshing. let me show you where i am in relation to “town.”

it’s hard to feel like i’m relaxing here at the hilton (that’s the name of our house). we don’t have a kitchen or a living room in our house. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, lots of bugs. did a little shopping and felt like i got some good bargins! a blue jean skirt for $9, two shirts for $5, and 2 jersey skirts for $20.

(cannot wait to share this new finds with jenn, jessie, mere, morgan, and taylor! miss you all so much!) millie, the daughter of some property staff folks here, told mattie and i about this store, cotton on. it’s from austraila i think. but, i love it. cheap finds – especially things on sale!  i ventured over to chick-fil-a. got a chicken caesar wrap. it’s surprising how food different than camp food can make you feel normal again. it really lets me feel like i’m out of camp world.

today has been good. still have two hours before i have to be at work. i think this might be one of my favorite nights of the week. pirate and princess dinner. with a late night bonfire on the beach that johnny builds and he is an exquisite fire builder. i plan on taking some pictures tonight – last week i kind of got emotional hearing julia (who is on program) tell all these middle school girls how beautiful they are and that’s what christ thinks of them every morning when they wake up. i need to hear and believe that more!


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