day off

yesterday i was my day off, so i decided to go lay by the pool and relax at chrissy’s apartment.

she is on guest services with me. felt really blessed to get out of camp and be alone. stopped and got a sweet tea on my way there. while sweating and jumping in the pool every 15 minutes, i made lots of phone calls to friends and even made a new friend in-person. he was a little too old and friendly, but he didn’t mean any harm. his name was john hicks. many tattoos. works at the prison landscaping. doesn’t love jesus, but we had a conversation about my faith which was pretty cool. super nice guy. said he’s lived here his whole life and will never move. on my way home i stopped at sonic for happy hour.

came back to the hilton, showered, went and hung out with mattie in the store, ate dinner, realized how sunburnt i got despite my application of spf30 then headed to intern night at john’s. he is a very skilled craftsman and he does all the DIN (do-it-now) around camp. can fix anything. so willing to teach me how to do anything in the woodshop, show me where paint is, and to ask me how my day is really going. we heard jef and angel’s stories. they are such a precious pair. he is the maintenance superintendent and she runs the store. he’s an introvert. she an extrovert. then, john shared with us about what he’s been learning through some verses: jonah 2:8-9, zephaniah 3:17, habbakuk 3:17-18.

after the boys were enthralled by john and chrissy’s new kitten, ringer.

yes, these are the boys who wrote a song about blowing up cats. had to document the moment for their cd cover. i don’t really think they hate cats. look how joyful they look!

that’s, from left to right, johnny-jeff-jason. jeff, jason, and i had some good conversation about living out joy at work and how we all want to be better about that and keeping our hearts centered on christ while working. returning to him. resting in him. trusting in him. quieting ourselves to him. isaiah 30:15. love when they get real with themselves.

today is a {day 6-day 1}. that means so much work. we turned over camp this morning and everyone is currently welcoming campers into our WEEK THREE. tonight chrissy and i run the glowstick challenge and dive-in movie. how is another week already over? hard to believe.

next week is capernum. can’t wait to see a whole two weeks with the love of the leaders on those friends. susan greene is coming in two camp weeks!!! and maybe philip gose. i’ll just faint with happiness if they are both here.

love you all,



One thought on “day off

  1. Oh, how I miss you girl! I’m in FLA and thought I should catch up on your blog! Love it…it’s so you!!! Nelson, the girls (and they each got to bring someone) are in Carillon Beach. Not close to you, but for some reason I felt being in the same state required/demanded a quick Hello!! Just know that I think of you often and love you very much!
    PS…Are you sure you can’t come home and rub off some of your goodness on my girls???

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