before i get to the title of the post, took some pictures at work today – – these babys are my pride + joy!

trophies for cabin challenge.


i get to make six of these per week. two per event. three events – big frizz (a frisbee game), cabin challenge (it’s a glorified scavenger hunt), and buoyancy (for pool olympics). a boys trophy and a girls trophy. i love making them ever since josh taught me how to use a chop saw and a drill. josh also introduced me to the astonishing joy of working with spray paint. he always comments on how fast it dries. i think i am more in shock that the gold paint makes all the trophies look so good. if you could see a before photo… you’d be in the same boat! maybe next week. or tomorrow when i make the buoyancy trophies. these trophies are made with old kitchen toys, princess tea sets, and other goodies from the Burnhams’. They are both of staff here at camp. It’s been fun to build these each week!

the most exciting part of my day (besides catching up with the lovely mary courtney jones) was some PIERCING that happened later tonight. mattie and i have been talking about getting a gun from wal-mart and getting some fun holes in our ears. so, tonight was the night!

mattie and i getting ready. reading instructions like responsible adults.

there was a lot of convincing myself to actually let mattie pierce my ear. i told myself that i was an adult and why i was an adult. i prayed. took a deep breath. let myself breath in trusting jesus. holding hands. repeating countdowns of 3-2-1 for 30 minutes..

mattie held the gun. jason held my hand. thomas was the photographer. jeff held my hair back.

i said two simple letters. “OK.” heard plastic cracking, a sharp but short pain in my ear, and it was all over. 30 minutes of convincing myself… then it was mattie’s turn. it’s a different feeling than paying for it somewhere and not backing out. you really have to convince yourself that you want your ear pierced and then you have to trust whoever is doing it. I TRUST MATTIE, but mainly because I really prayed before they pierced my ear and I know that God has been inviting me to trust him more and this was one simple way I could do that. seems silly, but it was a tangible way for me to trust the Lord in a small moment, which I feel will help me in the bigger moments as well!

mattie’s back of the earring got stuck in the gun so i had to play with it for a while to get it to come out – – but it worked! not gonna lie, i did get scared for a second or two.


that ear piercing is for you JEN LIZ CAM!

love extravagantly,



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