my days are so full of conversations. short. long. over the radio. texting. in person. through the phone. with skype. my personal favorite, g-chat. josh and i got to talk while we made more trophies. something about being in the woodshop – – bonding conversations over drilling wood, finding the right screw, spray painting, it just happens.

we talked frontier, mutual friends, guest services stuff, life, love, all of it. i feel so blessed to not only be learning guest services under someone whose heart to care for others is matched by an ability to serve them so well, but who is a dear friend who cares for me and my heart well. he encouraged me in how i’m doing in guest services and he pours truth into me about scripture, the gospel, and just me as the woman of christ i am.

as i felt cared for and loved well by joshua, i also felt so loved by jeff today. i was frustrated for a small, petty reason. someone took the GS golf cart and i needed it.. i was setting up southwind idol in the club room and jeff was in there. he just up and left in the middle of our conversation and i already had a short fuse so i just thought to myself: figures, what is everyone’s deal tonight? he had gone and gotten the cart and brought it to the club room, so i’d have it when i got down with setting up. i was in shock and awe. thankfulness was abounding. i’ve had lots of conversations with people about how we can love one another while at work. what does that look like for each of us as individuals? serving. verbally affirming. giving gifts. being patient. showering someone with thankfulness. jeff most certainly served me well. 

tomorrow, a sweet friend, davey, is coming from winter park, florida! she’s just popping in for the afternoon and i am so thankful. one of her roommates is a leader this week plus she wanted to come see me. i know her from frontier/wilderness folks. (ok, well i know her from ak.) they guided together at wilderness, but i met her when she was passing through frontier to wilderness last summer with her girls. i know our conversation will hold so much encouragement and truth and jesus and realness.

these late nights are so foreign to me – – goodnight from humidity-filled florida!



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