winter park

brick roads, cool shops, even cooler farmer’s market.

winter park, florida. home of the lovely davey olsen. a dear friend of andrew’s from wilderness. she teaches middle school in WP. loves jesus wildly. reminds me of mary fran – for all you knoxville folks. i drove down yesterday to meet her and erin (josh’s girlfriend/my new favorite friend) to go to the farmer’s market, eat some lunch, and stroll around an art gallery.

we met at davey’s house then ventured over to the farmer’s market. every single saturday the farmer’s market is open. knoxville needs to catch onto this! we strolled between rows and rows of  rose bushes, ferns, and lots of other plants i don’t know the names of. sampled homemade raw cheeses. tasted local coffee, kettle corn, and admired the fruit stand from afar bc it was so crowded. we walked over to park avenue, walked along the store fronts. the first picture is of park avenue. sass-a-fras is where i made my first purchase: sweet tea candies

i’ll admit this: they taste exactly like arizona southern sweet tea out of a can. but, it’s warm since it’s on your tongue. so i’ve decided to refrigerate them. alas, they’ll be refreshing on a hot day. good find. don’t know where else i’ll find these when i run out though!

we ate at this funky little mexican restaurant. i don’t even remember the name. when trains go by, they ring a bell for everyone to take shots. we didn’t do that. but we had some awesome guacamole. good for my soul, food is. had the best conversation about having challenging people in our lives. pushing us to the gospel and asking questions about our souls. we all desire that in our hearts but don’t have it. we agreed to help be those people this summer for one another. i feel blessed to have godly women around me here that desire the same things i do. we had all been processing it separately all week, then the conversation just came up. thank you holy spirit. we talked about davey’s trip to africa in a few weeks. she’s going with young life expeditions to tanzania – to hike mount kilamanjaro! i love mexican food, so i could have just stayed there longer and eaten more. and to have real + good sweet tea. i drank like 4 glasses of it. overboard i know.

we then went to the morse museum. cost: one dollar. couldn’t believe that. it’s because i’m a student, but nonetheless, a dollar. and i loved it. louis comfort tiffany is the focus of this museum. he is the tiffany of tiffany&co. as in the jew-ree man. looked at a book full of sketches of his jewelry he sold in the early 1900s and it was so interesting. he was an organized man. oh and side note: while we were at the museum i bet 60 senior citizens were having a community outing with their nursing home. precious. i felt super young. the three of us laughed that we would be somewhere only old people would be on an afternoon in florida.

this is a chapel he built to showcase his glass works. literally, no church services held, no weddings here. just for show. he was rich. obviously. it looks big in this picture but really it isn’t big at all. just tall and extravagant. everything in that room has glass in it except the floor and the wooden pews. it’s beautiful and stunning. so much time put into building something like this. the parts of this chapel were scattered across museums for a while but the morse has since collected them all and put them back together. only the two candle sticks on the sides of the pulpit aren’t original.
glass was as much tiffany’s thing as jewelry was. i never knew. here’s a little background that is so interesting to me. tiffany would construct a full painting of what he wanted the stain glass to look like. he would then tell his hundreds of chemists on staff (i want this job) to mix colors into the glass that match his painting of the work. before this, artists had been piecing glass together then painting on top of it, but tiffany wanted it to be imbedded in the glass. so each pane of glass is unique. even within the section of blues in the picture above… no blue piece is the same. i love that. totally unique. irreplaceable. as the guide told the oldies this, they told him they’d soldered together glass like this in their community groups at the nursing home. precious.

the museum also houses a make-shift replica of tiffany’s home that was on long island, new york. how this all ended up in winter park? one friend of his that learned under him in an art institute that lived in winter park. after tiffany died, he decided to collect all of his works and compile them in one place.

we went back to davey’s and talked and just sat inside while this major storm rolled through. erin and i left davey’s, but i decided i wanted some alone time, so i went to palmano’s. got a blackberry sweet tea and i was in heaven.

read my bible and relaxed under their porch as it continued to rain most of the day.

this place is a wine bar, coffee shop, and lunch stop. loved it. i plan on going back soon! it was a really great day out of ocklawaha. made a pit stop on the way home at target to look for a baby gift for trey + katie who had their baby yesterday!

levi charles nichols

i bought him a pocket-t. it’s navy-stripped with burnt orange cap sleeves. he’ll be so cute.

today i slept in! felt so good. am planning on listening to a sermon and maybe getting some sun this afternoon. i plan on keeping this day my sabbath to sit and relax and do life-giving things. happy sunday to you all.


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