i could go on and on about ak’s trip down here, but i’ll just hit the many highlights.

had a movie scene greeting at the orlando airport. ate chick-fil-a. rode the tube behind the jet ski at camp. ate a 5-course meal with the assign team. had “the talk” on the day he got here! got to show him southwind. he met all my friends here (and loved them so well). helped me set up club game. communicated well about how to care for one another. slept in the next day. drove to orlando to eat lunch with his grandparents (precious people, loved them so).

meet mary and lamar – they were celebrating their 62nd anniversary. there is such joy and commitment between them.

walked around downtown disney. revisited some feelings about the past year. drove to back to ocala to meet josh + erin. erin and i giggled in the backseat while the boys discussed manly things in the front seat. went to dinner on the square. ate at a cajun restaurant called harry’s. laughed, told stories, shared life together for that night – just the four of us.

someone called josh and ak “twins.” it was the plaid and beards. first time it wasn’t about me!

had a mini photo shoot at the gazebo. made some stops on the way home for coloring books. hung out at josh’s talking property staff. came back to camp for andrew to say goodbye to his new friends. we sat on a swing for awhile talking about this trip. drove to the airport the next morning. paid lots of tolls. said goodbye. then we both worked yesterday at 4pm. tired today that’s for sure!

i am so thankful for him. so many details of our conversations and just the man that he is… i didn’t bring up. but, christ is in this. it is good! really good.


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