shots that josh and i took. the sunsets were gorgeous tonight.

i sweated (forest gump past tense) so much tonight — i was sitting down with beads of wet rolling down my forehead. this was during pirate night aka MAN-FEST. excessive sweat is gross and i couldn’t help it one bit. my lips were tingling in pain from the spiciness of the hot wings. wooo eee. too spicy for my little mouth, but they were so good this week thanks to jason. i couldn’t quit eatin’ em up.

josh and i are sitting in the office looking up harry potter books for his kindle, which is sad since we just rediscovered HP books are not e-books. so, he bought water for elephants. i am thankful for night’s like these where we just get to hang out at work. makes work enjoyable and full of laughter and deep, southern accents.


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