some summer lessons

ONE: how to be a godly, confident woman of christ : two particular people that i had lots of interaction with my first month of summer camping helped me with this and never even knew it.

she was on program as margaret margaret (double name), lil beezy, and some australian i cannot remember. my fondest memory of julia is her speaking at princess night. telling all these middle school girls that beauty is already a part of who you are. because god made you fearfully and wonderfully made. to end the night, she would always share about how her dad would wake her up every morning saying, “wake up beautiful.” this is how christ wakes us up every morning. whether we are sporty, preppy, artsy, whoever we are, whatever we like. he meets us there and thinks we are beautiful and wholly worth being pursued by him. i have to mention julia’s humor – i mean, always laughing around her. she made me confident in my wavy, messy hair. seems silly, but i’m serious. confession, i have some grey hairs. julia has patches of grey. she showed me all of them. she’s only a few years older than me. we bonded over that and she said that’s how christ made me, so i just accept it. now i am beginning to. julia would always tell me how cute i dressed (as someone who sweats at work all the time!) – i couldn’t believe her. but, then i realized that she was not just saying that. she meant it. she went shopping at cotton on (my new favorite store) and got some clothes like mine. again, bonded.

next… MEET MOLLYmolly is just molly. spunky. looks so cute in nike shorts and her t-shirt all rolled up with no sleeves. she was a head leader so we has lots of interaction in just running camp on a day-to-day basis. she lived in australia for the past 6 or 8 months. from lake highlands, texas. whoop. we always did the shimmy to our friend on summer staff, shateria, when her crush came around. she has so much patience for people. she knows how to be serious and laugh. my favorite summer combo, i’m learning. molly just has this vibe about her that silently speaks that “i am who i am in christ and so i live in freedom.” obviously, her and julia were besties. loved being around them both. molly always was overly willing to help me do anything. thankful for them both. i feel christ’s unfailing love and abundant grace in knowing, serving, and learning from julia and molly.

TWO: how to biblically confront others : with every relationship and conversation there is some form of confrontation. paul tripp is so much wiser than me on this subject. so here starts my referencing him..

  • “we only know ourselves when we listen to the words he has spoken about us. god tells us who we are, defines what we are to do, and thew way we are to do it!”
  • “fear-driven talk forgets one of the most precious promises of the gospel: that christ right now, at this moment, is ruling all things for our particular benefit as his children.”
  • “our words often reveal that we are not so much trusting in the lord as we are trying to be him.”
  • “the fact is that our words always express worship—but not always of god.”
  • “all that we say and do should reflect a desire to be part of what he is doing to bring him in some way the glory that is due.”

you should just read war of words – it’ll change the way you speak.

THREE: how to do woodworking, my new love : building trophies. using power tools galore. making a “give grace” sign with a router. why do these things make me feel so accomplished? i think it’s the art side of me coming out in a new way that’s never been utilized. i love wood. i love being creative. i’ve loved combining those two together. thanks craig, our professional woodsman, for letting me be your protege! this last session our speaker used a jail cell in his talks and we had to set it up every week a few times. drilling and lining it up. hiding the support beams. loved it. except when it fell on gregg. look at his sad face.

FOUR: how to live with overflowing joy : i laugh all the time. someone just prayed for me the other night at intern night and he said, “thank you lord for emma’s laugh.” i’m a giggle box. i laugh at everything. program’s confidence is sky high because of me. all i do is laugh around them. i have dorothy to thank for helping me begin this journey of joy rooted in thankfulness. we looked at some psalms a year or two ago and how joy was rooted in the lord’s work in your life present and past. it has been a process and it will continue to be – one that i’ll be forever thankful for. also, thanks to dorothy for introducing me to ann voskamp and one thousand gifts.

as she says, “this daily practice of the discipline of gratitude is the way to daily practice the delight of god.”

i keep a little mini-moleskin in my right pocket to write down things i’m thankful for throughout my days. some days i use it, some days i don’t. still training my mind to be thinking of gratitude in the small ways, but it is changing my heart and where i find delight in a day.


2 thoughts on “some summer lessons

  1. Love this post Emma. So good to hear from your heart about what is shaping you! Can’t wait to hear more.

    Love- D

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