jax beach

my last day off, nannie and i drove up north to jacksonville/ponte vedra. i was thankful to spend time with her since normally no one has my day off – naturally, we were hungry so our first stop: nan’s beloved angie’s. we ate the peruvian – sounds fancy, but its kind of trashy in the least rude way possible – it has italian sausage, salami, ham, provolone, oil+vinegar, peruvian sauce and other veggies on it. yum in my tum. how can italian sausage be classy? coulda eaten another one.
most importantly, best sweet tea i’ve had in florida. seriously. it comes out of a 50 gallon barrell. and in a big girl cup. 64 ounces of perfection. thanks for modeling nans.

off to the beach we went… put on sunscreen. sunbathed. got in the water when our sweat dripplings tickled down our faces and backs. talked. listened to a country pandora station. laughed. got a little too much sun. chatted with andrew. napped. had a bathing suit malfunction, on my part. read some of a book. people watched. flipped over and over again for that even tan.

we made a few pit stops on our way back – sonic happy hour (duh), met nan’s mama at her church, went for a dip in nan’s pool. we drove home in the most awful storm. tried to capture it, but no luck. we were going 25 in a 55 if that gives you an idea. i was praying to myself that we’d get back to our little bitty house safely.

it was a really good day. somehow getting out of the place you live and work refreshes you in a way that just breathes life into your heart. i like that feeling.


the day ended with publix subs, intern night, and not a lot of sleep. success! thanks for showing me yo hood, nans!




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