lil’ slugger

celebrating people’s birthdays is one of my most favorite ways to show them how thankful i am for them. thanks to the enabling BT – – we went to the lake. we had a pretty little family-style breakfast then went on to get dressed for the day in lil slugger gear (aka morgan wear), which looked like we were going to the race in bristol – good timing. redneck riveria hits the road for johnson city, tennessee!


how else would you start off birthday celebration road trip besides putting your hand over your heart and reciting the pledge to the ‘merican air freshner? better believe that birthdaygirl started that allegiance.


i couldn’t even begin to tell you what all we laughed at, but rest assured, muscles were sore from all the laughter. we dressed like lil’ sluggers, so let the picture-telling of the day begin…





lots o’ love for these girls. we had such a great day of laughing, tubing, wakeboarding, belting songs in the car, wearing our hats backwards, and loving life.



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