to my dearest

(i am going to be sweet ms. loerke for a minute and write my other-half-in-dating a little letter)

dear andrew,

i am thankful that you came to knoxville on your first real mini-break since summer camp ended. you make me more of myself. thank you for letting me nap. laughing with you is like drinkin’ a jumbo frozen margarita from soccer taco – refreshing and giggly. you didn’t have to watch harry potter 5 with me, but you did without finishing the book first. we ate like royalty and i’m still eating leftovers for dinner. you woke up early to drive me to class (with a little extra incentive to eat a chicken biscuit from chick-fil-a, but some of it was for me, right?). growing your beard longer and loonger and looonger is a spiritual gift. thank you for reminding me of the truth of the gospel, how to live patiently, and being slow to speak. i’m glad you convinced me to buy my new pat jeans. tell michigan to get ready for some sleepy, southern talk. i’m a-coming to the mitten soon!


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