labor day

in the past year, my eyes have begun to be opened to what seem to be worldly holidays relating to the christian heart as well..

this opening of my eyes comes from ann voskamp. like today’s thoughts from her:

Nail pierced grace will never let you go and Christianity is a lifetime of becoming who you really are.

a lifetime of becoming. amen. nails pierced into the wood. for me.

how can i ever forget that?

john wood said it well a few weeks ago- – paul wants us to be preaching the gospel to ourselves.. in his “entrusting to us the message of reconciliation. therefore, we are ambassadors for christ, god making his appeal through us” (2 corinthians 5:19a) we must work for His glory alone.

thankful on this labor day for:

  1. the cross, the ultimate labor of love
  2. meal times at the kitchen table
  3. norah jones on a rainy day
  4. god-given patience in surprising places
  5. arms to do life with (thanks -kind of- morg for making me watch soul surfer // guess i learned something despite the cheesy acting)

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